Frequently Asked Questions
If you need more information about the company and its investment offer, please refer to the frequently asked questions. Here we have gathered all the necessary information that will help you avoid any problems while working with our automatic investment program. If the answer is not found, do not hesitate to ask for help in 24/7 live chat or contact us via the feedback form in the “Contacts” section.

What Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM is and what does the company do?
Since 2016, our company offers trust assets management of the highest quality on the basis of foreign exchange and profitable trade through Bitcoin exchanges. There is no other worldwide financial market that can guarantee the daily ability to generate constant profit with the large price swings of Bitcoin.
Is Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM officially registered?
Yes, the company is officially listed by Companies House:

Registration details and documentation can be found on the website.
Does Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM have a physical address where you can meet your clients?
The company has official headquarter at 6 Wetherby Mews, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, SW5 0JG. You can meet our employees in office during working hours, daily from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
Is it safe to cooperate with Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM?
Yes, absolutely! You can be at rest because the company is engaged in highly profitable business and avoid risks and losses.
How long do you plan to stay in business?
Our business plan is designed for the next 10 years, but we try to be as flexible as possible in view of the rapidly growing market where we are involved.
Are there some investment projects that belong to Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM?
No, we only have this one. If the company launches another project, we will notify our customers.
Can I join investment project of Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM?
Anyone can take a part if he is Bitcoin user and aspires to become a moneymaker online.
What is the procedure to become an investor?
Fill a short registration form to have a personal account. Select your username, set a complex password, define your email and Bitcoin address.
Who is upline?
A upline is a person who told you about this investment program and sent you affiliate link for registration.
Should I pay my upline?
No, the company pays him affiliate commission, not you.
Is it Important to have upline for registration?
No, you can register an account with no upline.
When registering, I have to enter Bitcoin account. What is it?
A Bitcoin address is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3, that represents a possible destination for a Bitcoin payment. Addresses can be generated at no cost by any user of Bitcoin. For example, 1RteMSEYstRatqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2 or 3T09t1WpEZ73CNmQviecrnyiWrnqRhWNLy.
I don’t have Bitcoin address. Where can I register it?
Visit or to register personal Bitcoin address.
Can I register more than one personal account?
Yes, you are able to register a few personal accounts if required.
I didn’t set Bitcoin address while registering an account. Can I do this later?
Sure, no problem. You can add or change your Bitcoin address anytime in your account settings.
When I try to change my Bitcoin address I don’t receive a confirmation code via email. Can you help?
This code is required to identify you through email, that’s why we can’t help you. Just request code and don’t forget to check the spam in your email box.
I set the wrong email when registering. How can I change it?
Please note that after registration, change of email address or username can not be done by anyone. The only way out is by registering a new account with correct email address.
Can I make a deposit (send BTC) from one address but withdraw profits to another BTC address?
Yes, just don’t forget to set this address in your account settings before you make withdrawal request.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
First of all, check your username and password. Make sure that you enter the same data that you got via email after registration. If your attempts to sign in still are unsuccessful, reset the password through your email:
What is investment proposal of Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM?
The company offers profits without respite from 11% to 15% on a daily basis, including weekends and holidays.
So I will be receiving profit every day?
Yes, right. Your profit is accrued every 24 hours, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.
Will I earn on weekends?
Yes, we are paying on weekends and holidays as well.
How long does my deposit work?
Your deposit runs forever and you will never get it back. However, you only need to make a deposit once and make profits every day, as long as earning proposal of Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM still is active.
What payment method is used for investment?
The company only accepts and pays with Bitcoin.
Can I invest through Perfect Money or PayPal?
No, we only work with Bitcoin, however we plan to expand payment methods in the future.
What is deposit procedure?
In order for your deposit to be made, you have to send direct payment from your Bitcoin wallet. To do this click on "Make a deposit" in your account, select plan and enter the amount you wish to invest, then click "Spend". Copy Bitcoin address which you see on the website and send the exact amount of deposit from your Bitcoin wallet.
What is the minimum required deposit?
The minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin.
Where can I check the moment and costs of Bitcoin?
If you don't know how to convert cryptocurrency in your local currency, please visit this website:
How long will it take for my deposit to be added?
Your deposit will be added after 3-6 confirmations of the network. This process takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours. If you still don't know what Bitcoin confirmations is, please check this out:
How can I check confirmations?
You can check a number of confirmations in your Bitcoin wallet (find transaction details) or on the website Enter in the search bar transaction the Bitcoin address where you sent a deposit.
I sent deposit but my account balance is zero!
Your account balance is entitled to daily profits and will be changed the next day, once it is over 24 hours.
What is the schedule of daily accruals?
Profit is accrued every 24 hours.
When will I see my first profit?
Your first profit will be accrued after exactly 24 hours after your deposit has been added.
How many deposits can I have?
You can have as many deposits as you can at the same time
What is accrual scheme if I have a few deposits?
If you want to grow and develop with the company, there is a possibility: all you need to do is to make multiple deposits. Each of your deposits will have its own terms. This means two of your deposits will generate profits twice a day.
When will I get my deposit back?
You will never get it back. Instead, you only have to invest any amount that is above 0.001 Bitcoin to make money every day, forever, as long as Biggest Bitcoin Mining - BBM offers are still active.
I really need my deposit back. Can you refund it?
No. Your deposit is never returned, it will work forever. Please note this before you make a deposit.
Do you have auto-reinvestment option (compounding)?
No, we don’t offer compounding options.
When can I withdraw profit?
Withdrawal of profit is possible when your balance is not less than 0.0005 Bitcoin. To receive a profit, you need to make a request in the "Withdraw funds" section of your account. This withdrawal request will be processed immediately.
How can I withdraw my profit and how long does it take?
To withdraw your profits go to the "Withdraw funds" section and make a withdrawal request. Such requests are processed instantly but remember the conditions that guide Bitcoin payments: your withdrawal can take some time.
Is there any fee for regular withdrawals?
We have no fees. You will receive the exact amount which you have requested.
What is the nature of the affiliate program here?
We offer a two-level affiliate program. The first level which is a direct referral by you will bring you commission, further connections of second level will give you an opportunity to make another reward. By the way, your own deposit is not required for you to earn!
What do I need to participate in the affiliate program?
All you need is just to register an account and find a unique affiliate. Share this link to attract new investors to our company, with that you will start to earn extra money.
Do I need to have an active deposit to earn referral commissions?
No, your own deposit is not required to take a part and earn affiliate commission.
How can I increase the amount of partnership commissions?
To increase the partnership reward up to representative level you need to have an active deposit and get the status of a company representative.
How to become a representative of the company?
To become a representative of the company, become an active investor and fill in the form in your account.
Do I need an active deposit to earn a partnership commission or be a representative?
Yes, you have to make deposit and be an active investor!
What can I do with the referral commission?
You can withdraw this amount as regular profit or use to make a new deposit from your account.
Which time zone of your server?
All accruals are made in GMT+0 zone. Current local time you can find on Home page.